How To Help Give Your Pet Pain Relief


Is your pet in pain? Have you tried everything? Dr. Fromm believes in a multi-modal approach to pain relief. The Companion Therapy Laser is a great tool that we have available to help our patients and your pets achieve a happier and healthier life!!!

What Does the Therapy Laser Do?

  • Decrease Inflammation and Swelling
  • Promotes Cellular Regeneration
    • New Vascular Capillaries
    • Nerve Regeneration

What Does Your Pet Feel During the Therapy Laser Treatment?

Warm Comfort…as the laser light excites the cells it creates heat. This heat is what is responsible for the PAIN RELIEF, most pets feel this during the first treatment. The treatment protocol is a series of laser sessions that can last between 2-20 minutes. The variance in time comes from the size of treatment area and the size of your pet. For example, Ginger get’s a 20 minute laser session for arthritis on most of her body while Zoe has a 3 minute session on her ears, for allergies.

What Specifically Have We, at Jean A. Fromm D.V.M. P.C., Seen with Our Patients?

  • Faster Recovery From Urinary Tract Infections in Cats
  • LESS Swelling and PAIN from TPLO Surgery on Dogs
  • PAIN RELIEF from Pancreatitis
  • Faster Healing from Ear Infections
  • Relief from Allergy induced Skin “Rashes”
  • Arthritis PAIN RELIEF
    • Better Mobility and Quality of Life at HOME!

Testimonials From Our Happier Patients in Grand Junction Colorado:

Miss Zoe just melts into a puddle onto the table during her laser therapy sessions. She becomes so relaxed and just lays there happily.” according to her owner Todd. Zoe get’s laser therapy for her allergies. “Once at home, her itching is less, she smells better and I can tell she feels better.”

Evy starts getting excited once we turn into the parking lot…She loves her treatments” Linda says. Evy is getting Laser Therapy for her neck and back pain associated with bulging discs. “It took about 3 sessions for Evy to be Pain Free, in addition to her medications…I know she looks forward to coming to the clinic weekly for her “spa” (aka Therapy Laser) treatments”

Ginger Atchley receives Therapy Laser treatment for Arthritis in her shoulders, back and hips. She comes in once every 2 weeks for a 20 minute session for ArthritisHer owner Gary notices that she moves a lot more now and occasionally runs and jumps!!!

Call Us, 970-434-0811, and schedule your pet’s Therapy Laser Session and start them on the path to being Happier and Healthier!!!


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